My Teaching Stats

I teach drums. Mostly. I also have a couple of guitar & bass students. I do have experience in teaching classes like: Indonesian Traditional Music and Jazz History for few semesters too. But, the numbers below are about my drum teaching experience as per September 2020.

Start teaching: 2012

Numbers of students that I have taught: 71

19 students have/had learned for more than 2 years

18 students have/had learned between 1-2 years

The rest are less than a year.

My current students have learned for:

5 year (1 students)

4 years (3 students)

3 years (3 students)

2 years (6 students)

1 year (5 students)

Less than a year (8 students)

This 12 y.o. student has learned with me for more than 4 years

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