Iwan Paul discovered his love in music at the age of 12 as he started to learn & play drums for school events. Then he became a self-taught rock guitarist and actively performed in numerous events during his high school and college years. After graduated with Bachelor of Social Science degree in Anthropology from University of Indonesia, he had worked at some mass media and advertising companies for few years, until his passion for music brought him back to his true vocation. He quit his job and became a freelance writer while doing a recording project of a singer/songwriter Pongky Manullang, as album producer/music director.

After the album was released in 2008, Iwan decided to pursue a career in music and learned to play drums again. He took lessons from senior drummers like Inang Noorsaid & Sandy Andarusman, before ended up learning with Aksan Sjuman–one of the finest Indonesian drummers/musicians. In 2011, he took Professional Program study at Sjuman School of Music, majoring drums and composition, and graduated in 2014. He has played drums professionally ever since, both in band and orchestra. Currently, he teaches at Sjuman School for Music Education, Music Republicain, and D’Jazz Music Indonesia.

Other than music, he likes to draw/paint in his spare time, and since 2019 he has been a certified Qigong teacher.

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