A composition I made for a contemporary dance piece by Muda Move in 2019.

I wrote orchestration arrangement of a song by Frau: “Tarian Sari” for Jakarta City Philharmonic. It’s a part of “Nyanyian Cinta Negeri” program on November 9, 2018.

A music video for my single Happy Days (2015)

Below are selections from my Soundcloud page

For further information (background story, production notes, lyrics, etc.), just click the title of the tune.

One of two arrangements I made of Tchaikovsky’s pieces from “The Nutcracker”. It was played in jazz large ensemble/big band formation to accompany a ballet performance “Nutcracker in Jazz”, an event by Ballet Sumber Cipta.

This is the song I recorded and produced in 2014. I wrote the lyrics, composition, and the whole arrangement of the song. It is available on Spotify, iTunes Store, and other digital music.

These are the compositions that I’ve made during 2011-2013:

These are the songs from singer-songwriter Pongky Manullang’s self-titled album that I produced, released in 2008:

This one is an experimental project from my friend, Dave Lumenta I played the guitar solo on this tune:

And these are some of the amateur recordings that I made with my friends in Liga Musik while we were in college (University of Indonesia, Faculty of Social and Political Science). I played most of the electric guitar part.

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