For further information (background story, production notes, lyrics, etc.), just click the title of the tune.

I made these two arrangements of Tchaikovsky’s pieces from “The Nutcracker”. They will be played in jazz large ensemble/big band formation to accompany a ballet performance “Nutcracker in Jazz”, an upcoming event by Ballet Sumber Cipta.

This is the song I recorded and produced in 2014. I wrote the lyrics, composition, and the whole arrangement of the song. It is available on iTunes Store and other digital music stores:

These are the compositions that I’ve made during 2011-2013:

These are the songs from singer-songwriter Pongky Manullang’s self-titled album that I produced, released in 2008:

This one is an experimental project from my friend, Dave Lumenta I played the guitar solo on this tune:

And these are some of the amateur recordings that I made with my friends in Liga Musik while we were in college (University of Indonesia, Faculty of Social and Political Science). I played most of the electric guitar part.

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